In March of 2017 my wife and I went to Roatan for the first time, with the intention of looking at vacation property. I had previously sold real estate in the States for 20 years and we had previously owned property in Belize for 15 years. We were fortunate to meet Mr. Stéphane Chevalier early in our search. We did not know the language or the local customs and Stéphane helped us work through all the necessary steps to purchase our condo at the Mayan Princess in West Bay. Stéphane not only helped us with the normal buying procedures but he became a valued friend. He understands what a person new to the island is going through, because he had been in their shoes some years earlier. He could truly empathize with people, and knew what to suggest and when. He not only showed us property, wrote the purchase agreement to our specifications, but also introduced us to a local attorney who handled the legal work and closing with no surprises or unforseen events. Stéphane followed through on every detail of our purchase and went far beyond the normal duties of a real estate agent to make our purchase as smooth as possible. We would highly recommend anyone looking for property on Roatan contact Mr. Chevalier.

Steve & Jo Kantrud, Vergas, MN, USA. ( Ph: 218-342-2172)

It is refreshing to meet a real estate agent who creatively promotes properties for his clients. If a listed property doesn’t move quickly, most agents advise clients to drop their price and then wait for the phone to ring. Stéphane creates new methods and channels to proactively promote his clients’ properties with the goal of achieving their objectives. He has successfully marketed properties for me and I am pleased to recommend him to anyone seeking a quality listing agent.

JE Martin (321-615-7712)

Stéphane made our dream come true.  My wife and I have always dreamed of moving to the caribbean and having a home on the beach, it is safe to say Stéphane made that dream a reality.  He exceeded every expectation we had and RE/MAX made us feel very safe and comfortable throughout the entire purchase.  I couldn't recommend Stéphane more for his amazing and personalized service for buying property here in Roatan!

Nick & Dawn (

We worked with Stéphane on the purchase of a piece of land in West Bay. I found Stéphane to be knowledgable and hard working. He was quick to answer any questions I had regarding the land or process which is often important when purchasing land in another country. He is detailed oriented, provided videos, and thoroughly answered any questions I had within a few hours. I truly enjoyed partnering with him to make our island dreams come true! Thanks you so much Stéphane for all you did to make the process seamless.

Pam & Raul (469-446-8980)

My husband and I are looking for a resort property in Roatan. We landed on Stéphan's site and haven't been more pleased with that luck. Stéphane's knowledge of the island has been concise and honest. He has steered us to directions that matched our desires, expectations and resources. We were impressed with his initial queries that included "how much square footage do you need to share a space". That sold me! My husband could live to see another day. Besides he knows incredible dining choices, another major hit. We would not consider any other agent.

Stephanie Danaher, Spring Texas (

Living in the U.S. and being new to buying properties outside of the good ole US of A I was hesitant at first. The island sold itself but Stéphane provided the security and confidence I needed to have to finalize the deal. His expertise allowed him to answer all the questions I had, his service gave me the confidence that I wasnt going at this all alone. Im happy with my purchase and his patience and service throughout the process. The fact that he is a foreign buyer and owner of multiple properties on the island himself added peace of mind that he was speaking from experience on a personal level and not just a professional one.

If you need a representative he is your guy.

Pedro Mora (

My wife and I have been looking at property for a few years now in Roatan. Stéphane is actually the 3rd realtor who we have spoken to, and he will be the last one when it comes to either buying or selling. The first two did not have time for us or did not put our priorities first. We have now meet twice in person with Stéphane, and have passed hundreds of emails/phone conversations. Stéphane has been great in answering all of our questions really quickly. He truly has our best interests in mind. We have gotten close to purchasing property a few times and let me warn you if you are planning on selling, the listing agents we were trying to strike a deal with turned us away from a few properties we probably would have purchased otherwise. The listing agent actually told us he would not provide/research information we were asking for until we made an offer. Whatttt? I know, right. So be picky with who you choose to list your property, choose Stéphane. And if you are looking for property, I have not found better. If you have any questions, please contact me at, and I would be happy to help answer.


Jason and Claudia (

My husband and I started researching about Caribbean islands that were affordable. I had emailed several real estate agents to inquire about properties. The first agent to reply was Stéphane Chevalier. I was so pleased to be corresponding with a fellow Canadian. Stéphane helped us line up about a dozen properties to look at when we travelled down to Roatan last spring (2016). We had decided upon a property within a week and put in an offer. At all times we felt as though Stéphane had our best interest in mind. Thank you for all your hard work Stéphane!

Erin (
New Brunswick, Canada