A New Development

Allow me to introduce you to West Bay's newest subdivision: BLUE ROATAN RESIDENCES.

An exciting project within a premium location.  Spread over 6 acres of land, this development will have it all: Beachfront club house, dock, swimming pool and concierge service! Located within the likes of Ibagari Boutique Hotel and Xbalanque, Blue Roatan Residences plans to match or exceed the services offer by their competitors. Single family homes, villas, cottages and condos will be built within a lush vegetation setting on a gentle slope. Located off Tamarind Drive, this is West Bay's next little paradise. For more information, please write to me at Stephane@buyingroatan.com or give me a call on WhatsApp’s at  011-504-8921-3158 or on my North American cell 613-316-7591.

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    • There will be 14 villas built.
    • Timeframe for construction: between 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 months, weather depending
    • 2 BR/2.5 BR
    • 1,121 sqft + 710 sqft (outside living space)
    • Starting at $329,900


    • There will be 5 cottages built.
    • The cottages are 2 stories 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms
    • Timeframe for construction: between 3 -4 months, weather depending
    • 1,173 sqft
    • Contact me for current asking price


    • There will be 2 condo blocks, with 7 condos per block
      • 1 block will house a gym
      • 1 block will house a conference room
      • 2,416+1,050 sqft (outside living space)
      • Contact me for current asking price